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✞50 Shades of Fucked Up✞

Hi Tumblr.
I haven’t been around for a while - honestly because I pawned my laptop for heroin.


Tomorrow marks 6 weeks that I’ve been clean, with the help of Suboxone and a lovely recovery agency I’m involved with. 

So what brought me back?

Well first, I got my laptop out of pawn a couple of weeks ago…
But really, I have a lot I need to get out - and you’re going to be my platform for that.

So I’m here to stay xx


For four days, which doesn’t seem like a big deal… Unless you’re physically addicted to heroin. I was put on the Suboxone program Wednesday.

I’m still feeling strange on Suboxone. I want to use, but I can’t use. There are too many rules for me to fuck this up. 
If anything, Suboxone is a hell of a babysitter. 
Day three “sober”.